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Featuring State-of-the-Art Tactical Laser Tag Equipment

Frequently Asked Questions

We began searching for a way to give people the entertainment they wanted, something that could be played by the whole family in a safe environment.  That is when we discovered tactical laser tag. Tactical laser tag is a fun, safe game that can be played and enjoyed by the entire family. Working with the great Battle Company team, we were able to turn this idea into reality. We enjoy watching families and friends having fun, but being the source of that fun makes us even more excited.

Frequently Asked Questions

How did Stryker Tactical Laser Tag get its start?

We volunteer with a local youth group and have our own kids so we know the importance of finding wholesome activities that build confidence and social skills. We feel that Stryker Tactical Laser Tag is the perfect game for all ages, even adults! It's easy to play and can be enjoyed by everyone. After hearing multiple people say they were tired of playing the same old laser tag, we thought that there had to be something more out there. 

How does mobile laser tag work?

You schedule the event and pick a location.  We'll be there about 30 minutes prior to the event for setup.  Depending on the location, we have several bunkers to use and provide all the headbands and laser tag guns.  Our Game Master will give a short briefing to the players and then play will begin with several different missions completed in roughly 15-minute increments.

Where can we play?

Mobile laser tag can be set up in almost any location.  Parks and fields are a popular choice but we can also set up indoors in a gym or warehouse.  The responsibility of getting permission to use any location is on the customer.

What locations do you travel to?

We serve the greater San Antonio area, Schertz, Cibolo, Universal City, Live Oak, New Braunfels, Marion, Seguin.  Please call if you are further than 30 minutes outside of San Antonio.  Sometimes we can accommodate with a small travel fee.

What should I wear?

Whatever is comfortable for the weather conditions. Some like to wear dark colors if playing in the dark but it's totally up to you.

Is there any chance of injury?

The only possibility of injury is tripping or not following the rules. So really very minimal risk if at all.

Is this safe for kids?

Of course it is!  It's up to the parents to determine whether this type of laser tag is appropriate for their child as the weapons are much more lifelike.  However, sounds can be modified to be less realistic for young groups.

How many people can play at once?

We have 24 guns so up to 24 can play at one time.  If your group is larger, games can be structured to rotate the players through in short 15-minute intervals.

What is the equipment like?

Take a look around our website to see photos of our equipment.  Our guns have a true-to-life look to them.  This is why tactical laser tag is more fun for adults.  And forget about the vests they use in kiddie laser tag.  With tactical games, you wear a headband which allows you to move about the playing field with ease.

Do I have to have a large group to play?

See our pricing for more details.  Generally, larger groups make for a more challenging, fun experience but we can accommodate almost any size group.  And if you're not having a party/event, be looking for our pop-up games around town coming soon!

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